StepCash is a "pedometer with incentives".

Essentially, it is a mobile app that helps lazy folks (like us at StepCash!) exercise on a daily basis. Unlike the gym bunnies and marathon warriors, we cannot bring ourselves to sweating it out on the treadmills.

StepCash rewards you for a natural activity undertaken by most individuals everyday- walking. Through our app, the number of steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt can be tracked. Even better, you are given incentives through our network of merchants to WALK.

In the long term, we hope that StepCash will become your trusted companion to better fitness and a healthier life.

Meet The Team

  • Tian Ze

    Founder / CEO

  • Ellen

    Head of Growth

  • Sean

    The Programmer

  • Ashley

    The Marketer

  • Wren

    The Developer

A Creation by KooKoo Studios

KooKoo Studios

At KooKoo Studios, we do gamification of fitness apps. We are a passionate company that wants to walk the fitness milestones with our employees, customers, shareholders and society.

  • Mission:

    "No. 1 creator of Gamified Health Apps"

  • Vision:

    "Fusing virtual activities with natural interactions in the physical world to achieve better state of health and well-being."