Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information

What is StepCash?

Why should I use StepCash?

Why should I fill up all my particulars?

Why should I complete the “Preferences” section?

Can I close my StepCash account?

General Information

How does StepCash track my walking activity?

Can I link/ integrate my steps from other pedometer app/ device to StepCash?

Can I manually enter my activity data into the app?

Why is my distance walked / run shown differently from StepCash as compared to my other pedometer apps?

What are the methods taken to ensure there is no misuse of StepCash?

Does my phone support StepCash?

Missions & Quests

What is the difference between missions and quests?

How many missions can I participate at a time?

When will the missions reset?

Points and Tokens

What are points? How can I convert steps into points?

How do I get more points?

What are tokens? How do I get tokens?


What sort of rewards can I expect from the voucher shop?

How can I benefit from advertisements?

How do I redeem my points to vouchers?

So what's next.. after I've redeemed my voucher?


How can I benefit from being a merchant?

Can I limit the number of vouchers I issue? How about the duration?

How much does it cost to run a custom campaign on StepCash?

How long are the deals featured?